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Full access services from September 19 onwards


Our Board has made a decision on a date to go back to full access services again. This date is set on September 19, a day before the government has announced to drop the 1,5 rule in all areas of society. We are going to stick with this date, unless something drastically changes in the covid situation in the Netherlands. 

We have also decided that, from that date, we are not going to work with registrations anymore, nor will we begin to work with a vaccination check or testing for access. We believe that church should be open to everyone, and that this should not depend on your decision to get the vaccine or not. Discussions about vaccination are bringing a division in society at the moment, and we strongly believe that this shouldn't be the case in our church. Therefore we also urge everyone with strong opinions for or against vaccination to keep those to themselves in the church context. 

From September 19 onwards, we will set up the right section of church in rows without the 1,5 meters distance. The left section though, will be set up with chairs on distance, to also be hospitable to those who do feel safer keeping distance. 

On September 12, we are planning an Open Air Baptism service, also for this service we won't do ticket reservation. For te service on September 5, though, we will require ticket reservation and the total amount of tickets will be set on 60. 

To help you stay connected and informed about what's going on at Vineyard Groningen during this season, please check these links below:

Sunday services: 10:00 am

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