• “Building a community of disciples of Jesus,
    with a passion to worship God,
    who care for one another
    and bring God’s love into a broken world”


Men's Ministry
We get men together, outside of church, so they can get to know each other. We spend time eating and talking together, then watch a video study and discuss it. We also pray for each other and sometimes plan events like golfing or solexing.

A short description of the "Man in the Mirror" study which we are currently doing:

Many men lead lukewarm lives-and they hate it. At Man in the Mirror, we have a vision to see every church disciple every man. From a Bible Study started in 1986, we've grown into a ministry that has impacted thousands of churches and millions of men. Men need a proper diagnosis, followed by a "treatment plan" and an execution strategy. That's what we provide.

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