• “Building a community of disciples of Jesus,
    with a passion to worship God,
    who care for one another
    and bring God’s love into a broken world”

Home groups

Our church meets in ROWS and in CIRCLES. On Sunday morning, we gather in rows to worship God, listen to a message from the Bible made relevant for our everyday life and pray.

On week days, our church meets in circles in our home groups (day, time and location is different per group). The home groups focus on three things: fellowship, Bible study and prayer. We encourage everyone to participate in one of our home groups. This is where we can grow deeper in our relationship with God and care for each other.

Home groups are the backbone of our church. It is what keeps the body strong and connected. There are several groups meeting in Groningen and in Assen.

Check out the home group list below and feel free to contact the leader of an available group that suits you directly for a visit. 

Please contact the coordinator for further questions about our home groups: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

List of Home groups