• “Building a community of disciples of Jesus, with a passion to worship God,
    who care for one another and bring God’s love into a broken world”

School of Kingdom Ministry


In October 2020, Vineyard Groningen will begin hosting a location of the School of Kingdom Ministry. The School of Kingdom Ministry was created to provide training for everyday people in how to live a kingdom lifestyle. Whether you are a new believer or you've been doing ministry for years, the school is an invaluable resource that will mobilize you into a naturally supernatural lifestyle of kingdom activity.  

We believe that the instructions Jesus sent His disciples out with still apply to us today:

Proclaim as you go, saying, "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers and cast out demons... Matthew 10:7-8

And because we believe everyone is called to do supernatural ministry, we believe everybody should be trained, and our goal is to help make that possible.  

The School of Kingdom Ministry is partnering with churches and ministries around the world to release believers and equip them to walk in the power of the Spirit and do the stuff the Bible talks about in their everyday lives.



What can I expect?

You might find yourself asking: But what does it look like? What journey would I be on?

If you decide to join School of Kingdom Ministry, you're going to experience a dynamic training program that keeps you actively involved. This isn't your normal "church class". You're going to be in on the action. In one 2,5-hour class every week you'll experience: 


Every week, you'll participate in life-changing lessons from powerful teachers and trainers that are on the cutting edge of what the Holy Spirit is doing in the world today. Expect to be inspired, challenged, and to grow deeper in your understanding of your faith and the supernatural.


Your School of Kingdom Ministry site leaders will take you through an interactive curriculum designed to introduce you to the gifts of the Spirit. You'll learn how to cooperate with what God is doing, experience God in new ways, and develop the skill of recognizing where the Spirit is leading and how to partner with Him.


Put everything you're learning into practice in a variety of ministry experiences connected to what God is doing in your church and community. Jump in and integrate Holy Spirit ministry into your life!

Put that all together over and over and you've got a life-changing ride! Oh, and along the way you'll get a student manual and an online account with the teaching sessions as well as a host of other resources. 


SoKM at Vineyard Groningen

This year (2020) we will be hosting SoKM for the first time in Groningen. We are very excited to now offer a program that will truly help you to learn to walk in the gifts of the Spirit, and we believe it is going to be a huge blessing to your life and the church.

The team that runs this SoKM location is Koen Prinzen (pastor) together with Bert van den Berg.

The school will run on Wednesday Nights from 19:30-22:00 in Gomarus, starting on September 30. There will be 28 sessions and we aim to finish early June.



Please download the registration form in order to sign up for the 2020-2021 year of the SoKM at Vineyard Groningen. You will need to fill out some details about yourself and your faith experience so far. You will also need to ask someone to fill out a recommendation for you to participate. 

There are costs involved to participate in SoKM. The student fee is 250 USD for the whole year which you pay to SoKM, not to Vineyard Groningen. Please check this financial policy document. 

Download the registration form, fill it out and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If you have any questions before registering, you are also free to email Bert about this. 
But first check out this list of Frequently Asked Questions. 




The people who get the most out of training are usually the ones asking questions and saying they are hungry to learn and grow, but they haven't been getting the answers they have been looking for.

If that's you, I want to celebrate that. So, I’m going to answer the top questions that pop into my inbox as students consider if the School of Kingdom Ministry is going to be what they need to ignite their faith and be a life changing experience for you.  


Is this only for people that want to be pastors? 

Not at all! While people that want to be pastors are welcome and will benefit from the class, the School of Kingdom Ministry is intended for all believers that want to grow in their ability to live out the mission of Jesus. Some of the most profound stories come from students attending the school and transforming their communities and workplaces with the power of God. We want the teaching from the School of Kingdom Ministry to invade not only the church but where you work, live and play. 

Is this just for members of the host church?

The School of Kingdom Ministry is hosted by churches across the country (US) and beyond. These host sites are open to anyone that would like to attend, whether they are attending the hosting church or not. We do believe it is important that you have a church that you are committed to, but it does not need to be the church where you attend School of Kingdom Ministry. 

What if I can't make every class session?

The School of Kingdom Ministry is built on a highly experiential training model. The teaching component is less than half of the training program, and as such requires more than just teaching to get the full training. Because the experience of the course is so critical, we ask students to try to attend every class possible. If you do have to miss a class for any reason, you can access the teaching later from your online student account.