• “Building a community of disciples of Jesus, with a passion to worship God,
    who care for one another and bring God’s love into a broken world”


To keep up with our teaching, and share messages you found inspiring with others as well, we make them available to through our YouTube Channel.

Click here to link to our YouTube Channel (we started recording video messages since March 2020)

On this channel you can select playlist to watch all the messages in recent sermon series. 

Recent series:

Revelation (7 part series, May - June 2022)

The Way of Jesus (10 part series, February - May 2022)

Seven Letters To Seven Churches (7 part series, January - February 2022)

ADVENT (3 part series, December 2021)

DISCIPLESHIP (8 part series, October - November 2021)

RESET (5 part series, August - September 2021)

ACTS (12 part series, June - August 2021)

Aftermath (7 part series, April - May 2021)

God on Mute (5 part series, March - April 2021)

A Time To Purify (4 part series, February 2021)

When Jesus Entered My World (3 part series, December 2020)

Sermon on the Mount (9 part series, September - November 2020

Church Is (4 part series, August - September 2020)

Flourish (7 part series, April - May 2020) 

Road to Easter (5 part series, March - April 2020)

Below you can find audio recordings of the messages up until March 2020.