• “Building a community of disciples of Jesus,
    with a passion to worship God,
    who care for one another
    and bring God’s love into a broken world”

The Great Encouragement

Maurits Stevens, June 10, 2018

The end is in sight, the finish line is within reach! 3 services and 2 more sermons to go and then Margot and I will cross the line and end our work within Vineyard Groningen. It is a strange period in our lives and I will share a bit more on that at the end of this sermon. The finish line is within reach…it is a perfect fit with the passage from which I will preach today: Hebrews 12:1-3.

A Greater Perspective

Koen Prinzen, May 13, 2018

Last Sunday, Koen Prinzen shared with us from Revelation 1 about the story of John who, amid persecution and hardship, received a world changing revelation of Jesus Christ. In the same way when we fix our eyes on Jesus instead of our struggle - Jesus may give us a completely new perspective on our circumstances. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have as a Christian, how intimate your walk with God is and how He has used you in the past – we all need a fresh revelation from our Lord from time to time.

Meeting the Risen Christ - The Case of Mary Magdalene and Peter

Frank Tsiwah, April 8, 2018

Frank Tsiwah shared with us on - Meeting the Risen Christ - The Case of Mary Magdalena and Peter. Based on John 20:1-18 he looks at at the following points:

  1. If you meet the risen Christ you are likely to come to the conclusion that Christian faith is most reasonable.
  2. To become a Christian is by grace through faith - unless God helps you in the process you will not be able to come to faith in Jesus Christ.
  3. Remaining a Christian is by grace. If you look at scripture you see a God who is very eager to move on people who have fallen in sin.

The certainty of God’s Promise | The Greater Jesus

Maurits Stevens, March 11, 2018

Series on Hebrews

Today I pick up my series on Hebrews and continue where I left it last time, when I spoke about growing in spiritual maturity. For today the focus is in particular on ‘The certainty of God’s promise’. It is a perfect match – a divine one – with where we are as Church.

Satisfaction - Case of the Samaritan Woman

Frank Tsiwah, March 4, 2018

Based on the story of Jesus meeting the Samaritan Woman at the well from John 4:7-26 Frank Tsiwah shares on the topic of satisfaction. Looking at the definition of satisfaction The psychological problems that satisfaction pose to us as human beings How have different worldviews respond to satisfaction How does the gospel of Jesus Christ focuses on finding true satisfaction?