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Spiritual Warfare

Frank Tsiwah, September 22, 2019

Today Frank Tsiwah shared with us on the topic of Spiritual Warfare - how to deal with temptations and how our battle is won one small thought at a time.

Embracing Joy

DNA of Joy

Koen Prinzen, September 15, 2019

We all face challenges, disappointments, pain, sorrow, sickness, loss, grief and worries over what might happen. The one may have more problems than the other, but no one’s life is free of any of this. How can we still haves joy in times like this? In this series I’ve been speaking about joy from the book of Philippians. But when I speak about Christian joy, we do not speak about the smile on the surface. Too many people have walked into too many churches with a big fake smile on their faces while dying on the inside. Too many churches have not been a safe environment to really share what is going on. But that’s not what church is supposed to be like. God wants the real you, and refuses to minister to your mask.

Keeping the Joy

DNA of Joy

Koen Prinzen, September 8, 2019

This is part 3/4 in the DNA of Joy series on the book of Philippians. Today we continued on how we can keep our joy. The joy we have received from God does not depend on circumstances. Nothing or no one can ever take it away from us because its foundation is Christ. Unless of course, we let in a robber to steal it. In chapter 3 of his letter to the Philippians, Paul warns us against legalism. This does not only steal our own joy, but also that of others.

Joy in Community

DNA of Joy

Koen Prinzen, September 1, 2019

Last week we started this series discussing Philippians chapter 1 and compared happiness with joy. Today we continue in the second chapter of Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi, where he stresses the importance of being a healthy community of believers that truly reflects the life and character of Jesus. Joy increases and abounds in community. Where ‘happiness’ focuses on the self, the joy of the Lord moves us to live in community with others. In the passage that we discuss today, Paul gives some very important guidelines and instructions about how to live in healthy Christian community.

Joy vs Happiness

DNA of Joy

Koen Prinzen, August 25, 2019

Today we start off a new message series called DNA of JOY. As we are at the beginning of a new church year, the holiday is officially over and we enjoy the sunshine not with that anticipation like in the Spring, but with a certain melancholic feeling of; “let’s enjoy it while it lasts” – it is probably a good idea to talk about what it means to have JOY. In this message series we will go through the book of Philippians.