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Spirit burn! | ‘Water, wine and fire’- series on the Power of the holy Spirit

Maurits Stevens, April 24, 2016

Today I close off my series on the Power of the holy Spirit. And I really hope that it has helped you in getting to know the holy Spirit and his power at a deeper level. I hope and pray that you’ve been touched by the holy Spirit and above all that God is doing a new thing in terms of the Spirit’s power. In your life, as well as within our community.

Be filled with the Spirit | Water, Wine and Fire – series on the Power of the holy Spirit

Maurits Stevens, April 17, 2016

Who of you ever had an experience with the holy Spirit? And what happened? I continue with my series on the Power of the holy Spirit. In this series I look on three metaphors for the holy Spirit: ‘Water, wine and fire’. The metaphors in the bible described to the Spirit, say something specific about the holy Spirit. Last week we looked at ‘water’ as metaphor. From several passages we’ve seen that water as metaphor for the Spirit stands for ‘the presence of God, ‘the healing and cleansing power’ of the holy Spirit and ‘the life, blessing and fertility’ that the Spirit brings to your life. 

Streams of living water | Water, Wine and Fire – series on the Power of the Holy Spirit

Maurits Stevens, April 10, 2016

What is your first thought when I say: ‘holy Spirit!’? Is it like; ‘awesome’? Or; ‘whooopsss…scary!’. Or is it more like: ‘holy…what?’. Today I start with a new series on the holy Spirit. And for most people, the holy Spirit is often the most unknown Person within the trinity of God. In church history the holy Spirit has been called: ‘the God about whom now one writes’ [Gregory of Nazianus, 4th Century] or he is compared with ‘Cinderally, being left alone at home while her two sisters go to the ball’

Power to Forgive

Maurits Stevens, April 3, 2016

From the story in which Peter encountered the risen story I will look at ‘power to forgive’. Forgiveness as culture in God’s kingdom, as a necessity and release, restoration and reconciliation as result of forgiveness. The teaching of Jesus on forgiveness is radical and it’s certainly not easy to put into practice. It takes courage and humility. And yet it’s one of the most powerful steps we can take!

Put on the full Armor of God

Maurits Stevens, February 28, 2016

I am moving in my third message on ‘God at War’. In 4 messages I look at ‘the reality of evil’ from a biblical and kingdom perspective. And by doing so, I hope and pray that it will equip and empower us to take our position as Christians, in a world that is filled with evil.