Vineyard Groningen

RSIN- / KvK number

RSIN: 854084708
KvK: 60844671

Contact details

Postal address: Koraalstoep 87, 9403 SR, Assen
Meeting venue: Vondelpad 2, Groningen (Gomarus College)


  • The congregation defines its purpose in the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ in preaching and practice as well as the expanding of the Kingdom of God through the work of the congregation.
  • The congregation has been called together to be an international, multi-cultural community in and to (but not limited to) the English-speaking community in the north of the Netherlands.


Vineyard Groningen intends to achieve it's objective in the coming years by:


Fully integrate and embed discipleship in the life of our church to make following Jesus a lifestyle. We intend to achieve this by:

  • Offering a diverse level of trainings
  • Integrating discipleship with other ministries
  • Involving others in the prophetic and hearing from God
  • Community service ‘helping the poor’
  • Stimulating people in reading their Bible [what is God saying to me?] and acting upon it (being doers of the Word)
  • Mission as part of discipleship
  • On a daily basis taking people along; one-on-one to help people understand and grow


Help to discover worship as a lifestyle; learning to live lives for the glory of God, under the Lordship of Christ (worship beyond singing). We intend to achieve this by:

  • Making worship, prophetic and the supernatural more part of the natural we do
  • Worship leaders being trained
  • School of worship – where people are taught to life a life of worship
  • Creating an inspirational community in terms of worship and service
  • Spiritual growth as focal point for the home/small groups
  • Intentional multiplication of teaching ministry
  • Equipping people in spiritual growth on different levels


We want to celebrate diversity, care for one another and show compassion to the world. We intend to achive this in the following ways:

  • Train and equip people to see God move in power in the daily life of the community
  • Vineyard inn; a place where people could come for food, shelter, needs etc.
  • Train and release a team of people who follow up with people who have specific needs
  • Motivating people to share life together and become part a smaller community built in an organic and organized way (small groups)


Fearlessly advance the Kingdom of God, from person to person. We aim to do this through:

  • Living missional lifestyles
  • Share the gospel in word and power
  • Church planting
  • Sending out ‘sent-ones’ into the world

Financial resources

  1. The financial means of the congregation consist of:
    1. Contributions of her members
    2. Donations and offerings
    3. Donations from legacies and inheritance
    4. Other means
  2. Annually, the board of the congregation will account for the financial affairs of the congregation.
  3. The board of the congregation will donate a set amount of the congregation’s annual income to Vineyard Benelux.

Vineyard Groningen is part of Vineyard Benelux. Since 1 January 2015, Vineyard Groningen has been designated by the Tax Authorities as ‘Algemeen Nut Beoogde Instelling (ANBI)’.

Board composition

The Board, at minimum consisting of a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, are representatives from the church that oversee the work of the pastor and the MLT.

They provide spiritual and practical leadership to the congregation. The Board meets once quarterly and organizes a Family Meeting to report back to the church annually.

The board currently consists of:

  • Antonia (chairman)
  • Cathy (treasurer)
  • Jonathan (secretary)
  • Monika (member)

Remuneration policy

The members of the Board do not get remuneration for their duties. They are entitled to reimburse costs.
The pastor is in a part-time payed position (0,8 fte). His salary is set to the guidelines of Vineyard Benelux, based on the "CAO Welzijn & Maatschappelijk Werk".
Incidentally, a volunteer fee can be given.


  • Care for the poor and marginalized groups in and around the city of Groningen (involvement with several social organisations)
  • Creating an environment where people can build meaningful, multi-ethnic relationships
  • Providing pastoral and social care
  • Education and activities specifically for children (Kids ministry)
  • Education and activities for students and young professionals (Students ministry)
  • Organizing Sunday morning services where people can meet God
  • Providing financial support to individuals or groups who share the same vision of advancing God's kingdom
  • Encouraging small communities to fellowship and growth in their faith (home groups)

Criteria for activities:
The activities that Vineyard Groningen develops must be in accordance with the objective of the denomination.

Annual Report

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Annual Report 2022


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