Church Safety

We care deeply about safety in the church setting. In our Mission Statement, it says we want to be a community that ‘cares for one another.’ We are also obliged to care for our employees and all volunteers and visitors when it comes to safety, health, accidents, fire and other possible calamities. We also care deeply about pastoral care and the prevention of abusive behavior. This is why we have regulations and procedures in place to minimize the risks of placing anyone in danger.

Emergency Response

Every Sunday, we have a designated emergency responder in case of a calamity. This emergency responder is fully qualified through the proper training and knows what to do if something happens. In addition, our team leaders and children’s ministry team have been instructed in what to do in case of a fire or other emergency and have been trained in how to respond on such an occasion.

Church Safety Officer

The Secretary of the Board is our Church Safety Officer. This is someone who ensures that every volunteer that is working in one of our teams gets to do this in a safe environment. The Church Safety Officer regularly does risk-analyses with the team leaders and helps them to make improvements. Any team member who spots an un-safe work situation is also asked to report this, first to the team leader, but if there are no improvements, also to the Church Safety Officer. Lastly, the Church Safety Officer is available as a confidant for anyone in the church that has experienced an unsafe situation in the church. Below you find the clear instructions and agreements we have made with all of our leaders to ensure safety.

Code of Conduct

The Bible leaves no room for discussion that those in leadership carry a burden of responsibility. Already in the book of Deuteronomy (17:14-20) future kings of Israel receive strict instructions about how to deal with money, sex and power. In Ezekiel 34 the prophet speaks profoundly about shepherds that take care of themselves instead of their sheep. Also in the New Testament there are clear instructions and warnings to those in leadership in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Peter 5:1-3. It is clear that Christian leadership follows the example of Jesus, who had the attitude of a servant (Philippians 2:5-9).

Anywhere where people can be in a position to abuse power and manipulate people, deceive, or treat people or money improperly or sexually harass, we will not close our eyes, but will do anything to prevent this. This is why all churches in Vineyard Benelux work with the Stichting Evangelisch Meldpunt (Foundation for Evangelical Reporting Point) - from now on referred to as SEM. SEM has written a code of conduct that everyone in a position of leadership in the church is obligated to sign. We accept these rules as the norms for operating in leadership and carry responsibility to do so as a church. We publicize these rules here so that anyone will know how we are to behave in the house of God. When someone in leadership breaks this code of conduct and is not open for correction, a victim can file a complaint with our Church Safety Officer, or take up contact directly with the SEM. The SEM will then test this complaint according to their procedures.

You can read the code of conduct here

For more information about SEM we refer you to their (Dutch) website where you can find more information about their complaint procedures.

To take up contact with our Church Safety Officer, please email: (Jonathan) or alternatively, take up contact with Rian from our Leadership Team via

To take up contact with SEM, please phone them at 085-488 14 40 or send an email to: