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To keep up with our teaching, and to share messages you found inspiring with others, we make sermons available through our Vineyard Groningen Sermons podcast, available on iTunes, Spotify, and many other podcast providers. Most of our teaching is organized into 4-10 week series.


What type of teaching can you expect when you come to Vineyard Groningen? On Sundays, we usually present a 30-45 minute talk. The purpose of these talks is to explain what the Bible says and then make it applicable for everyday life. We teach mostly in sermon series, taking you through a certain topic or Bible book several Sundays in a row. To get a feel for what is taught on a Sunday, click these links below to read through a few selected talks given in the past few years.



At Vineyard we sing songs through which we express our love for Jesus. Our worship team picks most of the songs for Sundays from a regularly refreshed song list. Below is a link to the current song list on Spotify.



“Vineyard has become a home for me when I needed it the most, away from my family and friends.”



“Vineyard has been a safe place for me to revive my faith and reconnect with my place in the Lord’s kingdom.”



“Vineyard is a place where I can grow spiritually. Vineyard is a family.”