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When you come to a Sunday service at Vineyard, what can you expect? We meet every Sunday at 10:00 at the Gomarus College in Groningen.

Services include worship, prayer, and a message from the Bible. The service is around 1,5 hours and the overall atmosphere is relaxed and informal. For children up to age 12, there is a weekly program during the service. After each service, people stick around for a cup of coffee or tea and to connect with others.

On the first Sunday of each month, we celebrate communion together and all followers of Jesus Christ are welcome to participate. On the last Sunday of each month, we organize a potluck lunch where everyone brings a dish to share.


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Sunday, 21 July
  • Sunday Service

    Sunday, 21 July - 10:00 - 11:30

    We meet every Sunday at 10:00 at the Gomarus College, Vondelpad 2, Groningen. Services include worship, prayer, and a message from…

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Discover Vineyard

If you are interested in finding out more about our vision and values and how to get involved, join us at Discover Vineyard! We run Discover Vineyard about 6 times a year and usually after a Family Lunch on Sunday afternoons (12:30-15:00). Our goal with Discover Vineyard is to help you make the connection with our church community and give you a better insight into what we are about. We'd love to get to know you better!

If you would like to join us for the next Discover Vineyard, please let us know in the form below:

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The leadership structure of Vineyard Groningen consists of three elements, each with different roles and responsibilities: Pastor, Leadership Team and Board


Koen small

Koen Prinzen

Koen has served Vineyard Groningen as pastor since July 2018. Koen (1985) who is Dutch and his wife Anja (1986) who is South African, met in an international church where Koen served in various roles for 10 years after completing Azusa Theological Seminary in 2006. They married in 2011 and became the proud parents of Bente in January 2017 and Lijan in June 2021.

Koen is a passionate preacher and leader. He loves running, homemade pizza, reading, watching football, hanging out with friends and spending quality time with his family. His heart is to equip the local church to pursue its God-given purpose and to help every believer to step into all that God has for him or her.

Leadership Team

The LT focuses on the overall spiritual health and direction of Vineyard Groningen. They are a pastoral presence and serve people where needed. In addition, they also help the Pastor to discern and determine the direction of the church and what it needs to do.

Ama & Frank

Frank & Ama

Frank and Ama, originally from Ghana, have made Groningen their home for the past decade. With a deep passion for Jesus and a heart for people, they are dedicated to journeying with people at every stage of their spiritual journey, helping them fulfill their calling. As church leaders, they are committed to fostering a nurturing church environment and cultivating growth through small community groups. Their mission is to help build up the church as the body of Christ, rooted in a culture of love and discipleship.

Hendrik & Katie

Hendrik & Katie

Hendrik, who is Dutch, and Katie, who is American, met at an international conference in the United States before beginning a long distance relationship that led to marriage and settling in Groningen. As an international couple who love an international context, Vineyard became the perfect home for them and their young daughter, Eleanor, who was born in 2023.

Hendrik studied Organizational Psychology and has a passion for peace-building, culture formation, and connecting people from different backgrounds. Katie studied Intercultural Studies and enjoys teaching and coaching in interpersonal contexts. They both have a heart to see rich community develop in Vineyard Groningen and see believers grow as multiplying disciples.



Since 2014 Rian has been part of Vineyard Groningen. Despite being Dutch, she loves the international community and serves it gladly.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the Leadership Team using the button below:


The Board, at minimum consisting of a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, are representatives from the church that oversee the work of the Pastor and the LT. They provide spiritual and practical leadership to the congregation. The Board meets around four times a year and organizes an annual Family Meeting to share with the church its finances, legal matters and progress.

Jonathan D (Chair)

Cathy Ellis (Treasurer)

Jonathan Tipping (Secretary)

Monika Tuinstra (Member)

If you would like to contact the board, you can reach them via the email link below:

Below you can find additional information about the leadership structure of Vineyard Groningen

The Vineyard Movement

The Vineyard Movement is a network of over 1,500 churches worldwide, founded by John Wimber in the late 1970’s. Central to our movement is the Kingdom of God, church planting, spiritual renewal and a deep hunger for the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

The vision of the Vineyard Movement is: “We, the existing Vineyards worldwide, are committed to the multiplication of Kingdom and God-minded, Christ-centered communities of local churches and Vineyard movements in all the nations of the world.” As a local church in the Netherlands, we belong to the family of churches in Vineyard BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg).

The vision of Vineyard BeNeLux is to plant churches in each of the larger cities in BeNeLux. Vineyard Groningen is one of nine Vineyard churches in BeNeLux. Find out more about the Vineyard Movement below:



“Vineyard has become a home for me when I needed it the most, away from my family and friends.”



“Vineyard has been a safe place for me to revive my faith and reconnect with my place in the Lord’s kingdom.”



“Vineyard is a place where I can grow spiritually. Vineyard is a family.”