• “Building a community of disciples of Jesus, with a passion to worship God,
    who care for one another and bring God’s love into a broken world”


The leadership structure of Vineyard Groningen consists of 3 elements, each with different roles and responsibilities:
The Pastor, the Leadership Team and the Board


Pastor - Koen Prinzen

Koen Prinzen serves Vineyard Groningen as pastor since July 2018. Koen (1985) and Anja (1986) married in 2011 and became the proud parents of Bente in January 2017 and Lijan in June 2021. Koen is Dutch and Anja South African. They met in an international church where Koen has served in various roles for 10 years after completing Azusa Theological Seminary in 2006.

As an international couple, they understand what it means to live in a country that is not your own, adjusting to a new situation and being aware of cultural differences. They thoroughly enjoy building relationship with people from different backgrounds and are passionate to build a church community that can provide a home away from home.

Koen is a passionate preacher and leader. He loves running, home made pizza, reading, watching football, hanging out with friends and spending quality time with his family. His heart is to equip the local church to pursue its God-given purpose and to help every believer to step into all that God has for them.

Anja is a creative, empathetic person with a partiality for mathematics. She loves photography, Marvel movies and spending time with their two kids. She works at the Google data center in Eemshaven as an Administrative Business Partner.  


Leadership Team

The LT focuses on the overall health and direction of Vineyard Groningen. They are a pastoral presence and serve people where needed. In addition, they also help the Pastor to discern and decide the direction of where the church and what it needs to do.

Our Leadership Team consists of:

Frank & Ama
Hendrik & Katie



The Board, at minimum consisting of a Chairman, Secretary and Treaurer, are representatives from the church that oversee the work of the Pastor and the LT. They provide spiritual and practical leadership to the congregation. The Board meets about four times a year and organizes an annual Family Meeting to report back to the church about the finances, legal matters and progress. 

Antonia (chair)
Cathy  (treasurer)
Jonathan (secretary)
Monika (member)

If you would like to contact the board you can reach them by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..