True Story | Part 14 | Ascension

05 May 2024

What do we celebrate on Ascension day, and why is it so significant? As we are talking about the Ascension, it makes us rethink heaven and earth, and how they relate to each other. Rather than Jesus’ disappearance from the earth, leaving it behind for us to deal with it further, the Ascension actually means that Jesus is taking His seat in the control room. The Ascension is His coronation, and it marks the start of a new age.


True Story | Part 13 | Church

28 April 2024

There is nothing as powerful for the testimony of the Gospel in this world then the Church embracing its calling, and fully living out what Jesus envisioned for her.

And there is nothing more devastating for the testimony of the Gospel in this world then the Church neglecting its calling, and failing to live out what Jesus envisioned.

In this message, we explore Ephesians 2:11-22 to uncover three themes concerning the Church; one people, one family, one purpose.


True Story | Part 11 | Identity

17 April 2024

Identity is a hot topic in our world today. People tend to look in two different ways in their search for identity; outward and inward. Yet, as Christians, we can look another way for a sense of identity; upward. Our identity as children of God is not earned, performed, or discovered, but received.
It doesn’t rely on the approval of others or how you feel about yourself, it is imperishable and unshakable; whatever you do, whatever you say, however you feel, there is nothing or no one can ever take away from you.
You are a child of God.

In this message, we explore what Paul means in Romans 8 when he says we are children of God – adopted sons of God even. We are looking at the three purposes of the sonship identity; invitation to intimacy, call to vocation and a promise of inheritance.


True Story | Part 9 | Resurrection

03 April 2024

Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15 that, if Jesus did not really resurrect from the dead, our faith is futile. What effect did the Resurrection of Jesus have? How did it change history? And how is it changing our lives today?


True Story | Part 8 | Cross

24 March 2024

This message is about the subversive Cross.
The word subversive means: “tending or intending to overthrow, destroy or undermine an established or existing system”. And this is exactly what the Cross of Christ does. It overthrows, destroys and undermines any cultural or religious human system of morality and control, showing its inadequacies, and instead displaying the love and righteousness of God.

In this message, we are going to look at four cultural values that the Cross confronts, completes and consoles. Two of them were very prominent in Paul’s first century world; wisdom and power. The last two are very prominent in our post-modern world; justice and freedom. We are going to explore the subversive impact of the Cross on all four of these cultural values.