Peace on Earth? | Part 1 | The Three Dimensions Of Advent

10 December 2023

Peace on earth? Yeah… not this Christmas. There are currently 32 armed conflicts in the world, and with all the anxiety and burnout we can’t say that people really have a sense of internal peace either. In this message, we will walk through the three dimensions of Advent – remembering with thankfulness that Christ came…


Freedom Sunday

03 December 2023

In this message, we hear from Merel vd Ven from IJM (International Justice Mission) about loving your neighbour, being touched by God’s compassion for people and the important work of justice and how we can be involved.


What about Israel?

27 November 2023

What is the church’s relationship with Israel? And how should we, as the people of God’s Kingdom position ourselves in a time when the ongoing conflict in Israel-Palestine is escalating once again? In this message, we’re trying to give you a Biblical framework for looking at the current situation, to help you to look at…


In The World Not Of The World | Part 2 | Priests

12 November 2023

Like Israel during the exile, taking on your priestly role empowers you to live as a stranger in a non-believing society. In this sermon we explore three aspects of this priestly attitude, so that you can find practical ways to worship and live differently in this world, while still not being of this world.


In The World Not Of The World | Part 1 | Exiles

05 November 2023

In this message series that we have called “In the world, not of the world”, we are going to discuss four different postures or roles that will help us to fulfil this purpose Jesus has for us in this world. Today, we are talking about our roles as exiles, connecting to Jeremiah’s prophetic words in…


The Kingdom and the World

29 October 2023

In the recent past, we have often heard the term, “already-not yet”. What does ‘already-not yet’ mean for our hear and now? In today’s sermon, I speak about what does it mean for us to engage with our present world in light of the already-not-yet kingdom reality. I believe that as a new creation, we…


Fasting | Part 4 | Stand with the Poor

22 October 2023

The life of a disciple of Jesus, including all its rhythms and practices – such as we are discussing in this sermon series – are never only about the individual’s flourishing. Not only are those who eat the fruit of your flourishing relationship with God the main beneficiaries of your spiritual formation. The journey of…


Fasting | Part 3 | Amplify our Prayers

15 October 2023

Fasting and praying is just something we are called to do out of faith and obedience. And there is something that fasting unlocks, something that we access, something that Fasting is a mighty weapon God has given us to amplify our prayers, to be heard on high and to hear from on high. And perhaps…


Fasting | Part 2 | Growing in holiness

08 October 2023

John Wesley once said: “Why are we not more holy? Because we are enthusiasts that want the ends without the means.” Growing in holiness is a lifelong journey. And the practices – including fasting – provide the pathway on that journey to continue to grow and work out your salvation. In this message we are…


Fasting | Part 1 | Offering ourselves to God

01 October 2023

This is the opening message of a four part series with Practicing the Way about Fasting. Every world religion, and even Western non-religious spirituality recognises the physical and spiritual benefits of fasting. Also as Christians, we stand in a long tradition of fasting; the prophets, the apostles, the church fathers, the saints, reformers and revivalists…