Gospel Community | Part 2 | Jesus At The Center

28 August 2023

Colossians 1:15-23 boldly declares that Jesus is the first, and the last, the genesis and the telos, the origin and the purpose, the beginning and the end. He is before all things and above all things. He is at the center of everything and holds everything together. In this series, as we are learning about…


Gospel Community | Part 1 | Qualified

22 August 2023

The Lord is shaping us into a Gospel community, breathing in and breathing out the Good News of the Kingdom. Paul wrote a letter to the Colossians, a group of Christians he never met, but heard good reports about, with some solid advice on how to move forward to grow and bear fruit. This is…


Dealing with anger and injustice

17 July 2023

Ephesians tells us to make the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Matthijs den Dekker, today’s speaker, has a hard time opening his eyes for the evil in this world. It means allowing anger and allow feeling powerless. This sermon explores these emotions and tries to find ways to not close off…


Life After Pentecost | Part 6 | Empowered to Endure

10 July 2023

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can do all kinds of ‘cool’ stuff. But as we are wrapping up this series, it is important to also talk about a less ‘cool’ but very real other quality that we receive through the Spirit; the power to endure. Enduring is not something that we look…


Life After Pentecost | Part 5 | Empowered to Transform

03 July 2023

Our understanding of the Gospel is far too individualistic and far too narrow. Through various developments in theology, sociology and culture, we have primarily come to understand the Gospel as a message about personal salvation; grace + faith = going to heaven when you die. But the Gospel is much more than that. The Gospel…


Life After Pentecost | Part 4 | Empowered to Heal

27 June 2023

At Vineyard, we believe that Jesus transferred His Kingdom ministry to His disciples and to the church. This means that we are called to do everything that Jesus did through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit wants to partner with us to bring God’s Kingdom to people, and this includes miraculous healing…


Life After Pentecost | Part 3 | Empowered to Reach

19 June 2023

Why do we keep the best news in the world hidden like a dirty little secret? In this message, we are going to take a master-class in personal evangelism from Philip the Evangelist. The story about how he led the Ethiopian official to a decision for Jesus will help us to become more confident in…


Life After Pentecost | Part 1 | Empowered to Be United

05 June 2023

The first church was an international church consisting of Jews and proselytes from every nation under heaven that temporarily resided in Jerusalem. Yet, they experienced an incredible sense of unity. Meeting together around the table – where all are equal and united, where food was shared and stories were told, everyone had a place and…


All Things New | Part 8 | Restored Power

30 May 2023

In this series, we have talked about some very beautiful and important things. But there is an essential piece of the puzzle that’s been missing; the Holy Spirit. In this series, there is also one essential puzzle piece that is still missing, but will be uncovered today; the Holy Spirit. Without the work of the…