Prayer | Part 3 | Listening to God

26 March 2023

How can we hear God’s voice? In this message, Frank takes us through the story of Jesus and the disciples on the road to Emmaus and discusses three ways we can hear God’s voice: through Scripture, through His whisper and His community.


Prayer | Part 2 | Talking with God

20 March 2023

If everything you prayed for this last week would happen in this coming week, would anyone notice? You and I, we are invited by the Living God to partner with Him in prayer, to see His Kingdom come to earth, and to let His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. A…


Prayer | Part 1 | Talking to God

13 March 2023

Any move of God in history, great or small, famous or not, was prepared through prayer, ignited by prayer, sustained by prayer and led to more prayer. Prayer is the fuel for anything that God is doing in this world – on a personal, local, national or global level. Therefore it is impossible to overstate…


Sabbath | Part 4 | Worship

27 February 2023

The Sabbath is the set-apart day for the set-apart people of God to cultivate their set-apartness in this world. We are called to live a life of worship, to live as a people wholly devoted to God, living out the character of Christ. But it is that set-apart day that we use to cultivate that…


Sabbath | Part 3 | Delight

20 February 2023

The Sabbath is meant to be the best day of the week, filled with joy and laughter, with good friends and great people. The Sabbath serves us as a weekly celebration of all that is good about God, the world and life itself. Celebration, embracing joy, embracing all that is good in the world, enjoying…


Getting Your Fire Back

14 February 2023

There are many things in our lives that can take our passion away. How can we resist these things and get our passion back? In this message Ricky Venter, pastor of Vineyard Brussels, takes us through Psalm 23 to give us some keys how to get our passion back.


Sabbath | Part 2 | Rest

06 February 2023

Sabbath is a key-stone habit to resist a culture of restlessness. The combination of insatiable desires in our heart and a consumption-driven digital economy constantly drives us to want more, have more, be more. Sabbath invites us to leave the tyrannical system of more and experience a deep satisfaction in God, so that our soul…


Sabbath | Part 1 | Stop

31 January 2023

Sabbath answers a deep need in our soul that is wasting away under the constant demand and activity and the inner and outer expectations to always be busy. In this message, we do a quick run through Scripture to discover the purpose of Sabbath. In the coming three weeks, we’ll take a deeper dive into…