All Things New | Part 7 | Restored Destiny

22 May 2023

What we believe about our destiny greatly impacts our discipleship. To understand well how we should live today, we have to have a good understanding of where God is moving our world. In theology, this is called eschatology. And eschatology is hotly debated within the Christian world. In this message, we explore the four different…


All Things New | Part 6 | Restored People

16 May 2023

In this message, we will trace back what it means to be the people of God with two terms: covenant and kingdom. We are going to discover how God purposed His people, Israel to be His covenant and kingdom people, how the covenant was broken and the kingdom lost, how it is restored and repurposed…


All Things New | Part 4 | Restored Relationships

02 May 2023

In this message, we look at our relationship with God, relationship with others and relationship with the earth in four different realities described in the Bible; the original reality, the distorted reality, the new reality and the future. Follow the storyline of Scripture and discover what the restoration of these relationships means for our mission…


All Things New | Part 3 | Restored Identity

24 April 2023

The modern understanding of self has become highly psychologized. No one else can tell you who you truly are and what you should do. As long as you don’t limit anyone else’s freedom, you ought to have complete freedom to do, say, feel, and be what you want. What we see happening though in a…


All Things New | Part 2 | Restored Images

17 April 2023

In this message we take a birds-eye view of how the topic of image-bearing runs through the whole of Scripture. Secondly, we will zoom in on the aspect of image-bearing as male and female, the male and female nature of the church and how this is translated to how we do ministry in the Vineyard.


All Things New | Part 1 | Restored Peace (Easter Sunday)

11 April 2023

On Easter Sunday we launched a new sermon series that will continue until Pentecost Sunday. In this series we will study the Kingdom of God in light of the Resurrection. We will discover how Easter changed everything forever. The Resurrection is the kick-start of His big renovation project. Through His Resurrection power He is renewing…


Prayer | Part 4 | Being with God

03 April 2023

When Mary, sister of Lazarus, a week before Easter anointed the feet of Jesus, this was the most extravagant expression of love and honour she could think of. Could it be that the most valuable thing that we have to offer to our Lord today is actually our time and attention? And could it be…


Prayer | Part 3 | Listening to God

26 March 2023

How can we hear God’s voice? In this message, Frank takes us through the story of Jesus and the disciples on the road to Emmaus and discusses three ways we can hear God’s voice: through Scripture, through His whisper and His community.


Prayer | Part 2 | Talking with God

20 March 2023

If everything you prayed for this last week would happen in this coming week, would anyone notice? You and I, we are invited by the Living God to partner with Him in prayer, to see His Kingdom come to earth, and to let His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. A…